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Top 5 record winnings in soccer betting

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soccer tips Soccer betting is a major part of gambling in general. There is a variety of soccer picks online. Every bettor has his own strategy for maximising his profit. Many football fans try to win some additional cash using their analysing skills and knowledge. And others decide to follow a certain tipster and therefore pay for his reliable services.

We are presenting you an upside-down ranking of the 5 greatest profits in football betting with soccer predictions, ever paid by bookies in England:

5. In 2010, a gambler in London spent his last 40 pounds on a ticket. For him, it was ‘all or nothing’. He placed his bets guessing the outcome of 14 games as he chose mainly the favourites such as Barcelona, Valencia, Porto, etc. After luck had proved to be on his side, the bettor got 117 thousand pounds and wished to remain anonymous to the media.

4. This dedicated fan of the Red Devils is described as a family man, balanced, occasionally betting with small amounts. In 1999, he placed his bet of 2.5 pounds on a combination of various soccer predictions. The most curious one is Manchester United to win the Champions League. Then United overcame Bayern Munich for real and it was rather heart-breaking for lots of people. The gambler eventually earned 157 thousand pounds and stated he will be back again for a bigger winning.

3. Another soccer fan has won 272 thousand pounds with a bet of 2.5 pounds. There have been 9 matches included, as some of the soccer tips have been very interesting. The Wolves to beat Chelsea, Liverpool to lose against Blackburn and Barcelona to make a draw at home against Bilbao. Those unusual football predictions have proved to be fairly accurate.

2. Recall no. 4 in our ranking with his statement that he will be back again for something bigger. Only after two years, he won a much greater amount than the original one. He made 14 correct soccer picks and got a total of 500 000 pounds! The biggest risk he took was Bayern to win the Champions League and that was no mistake for him.

1. Imagine that you bet only 85 pounds and earn …almost 600 000 pounds! Or to be exact: 585 143. Yes, that happened in 2011 and it is the current record of all time in England.

Betting can be turned into a successful business if you approach towards it responsibly. Football tips from experts will help you along the way. Naturally, losses happen from time to time. You must manage your bets in the best possible way so if there is a loss, that will not affect you and your bankroll too much.

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football tips

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football predictions

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